NMP ISTANBUL 2015 - Brokerage Event

Elena Cortés elena.cortes@redit.es

Tipo: Exposición  Brokerage event

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The Brokerage event invites participants from large and small industrial companies, research organisations, universities, and other organisations from all around Europe, interested in sharing new project ideas and finding collaboration within the upcoming calls in Horizon 2020 NMPB 2016-17. The Brokerage event is mainly focuses on Call for Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, and Production and also on Calls for Factories of the Future. The event is being organised by Sabancı University, EEN-Istanbul with the support of TUBITAK 1503 Programme. 



Desde Oct 22, 2015
Hasta Oct 22, 2015
Esta jornada está cofinanciada por la Enterprise Europe Network